You Think you’re fast?

A type of metagame I ran into while doing my research and searching for an idea to write about was speed running. Speed running is a specific metagame because it really isn’t the producer’s intention for how the game should be played.

Speed running is the act of trying to finish a level in a game or even the entire game itself as quick as possible. This may seem mundane at first but when you look at certain games and the speed run time, it’ll truly blow your mind. An example of this is within the game Warframe that I have been playing. After having discovered the metagame of speed running, I decided to look at Warframe to see how my speed compared to those of the best. Surprisingly (not surprisingly at all actually) my times for beating different levels in the game were at least 10 times slower then the fastest speed run. The first level in the game, the easiest level in the game, I set on a quest to try and get close to the record. I tried and tried again but my fastest score was a mere 5:33 while the current record for the game is 31 seconds by some guy named dicht.PinkGuy~. To me this time is unfathomable, so I delved into more about speed running and how these people do it so quickly.

What I found that was speed running is surprisingly communitive in the way it is approached. In a rolling stones article about speed running written on February 5, 2018, Rami Ismail says, “You might think of speed running as competitive, but the scene is both incredibly competitive and collaborative. Runners might compete for the best time for those few minutes or hours the race is on, but in general they’re working together to find new ways to speed up their community times. “This quote really surprised me because it does seem like a solo mission to reach the fastest score. In the end I would want my name on that pedestal not someone else I helped. But alas, this is not the case within the speed running gaming community. They work together to find cheats, secret hacks, and small aspects of the game they can exploit.

So next time you see a speed run score, know that it took a lot of different people’s inputs, efforts, and information to put that name up on the board.

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