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After reading some of my fellow classmate’s posts about different subjects, I found some of their ideas and subjects to be very different than mine. An example of this would be some of Zach Marks posts when he talks about Super Monkey Ball 2 . He talks about the mechanics and physics of how the game works as well as in a different post, how rewarding the game is. He talks about how the physics of the game is surprisingly realistic and reflects real life physic laws. This connects to what we talked about in class about the difference between a real game, and a counter game. We see that Super Monkey Ball 2 is a real game in the physics sense because it doesn’t implement the use of fake physics that is totally unrealistic from the real world. We also see that the game is rewarding if not in the physical world, in the game world itself. This topic was a different twist on a game for me because personally while I play games, I don’t think of how lucky I am that I got certain in game items. Instead, I think of it as built into the game and how it is suppose to happen. This helped me reflect on my own games and determine which games have a high volume of rewarding items or twists within the game.

Another post that had a different idea than my posts was one of Charlie Casswell’s post about violence within video games. This topic wasn’t something I thought about when playing my games and thought his post was interesting in the fact that it sheds light onto different aspects of the video game industry. This topic can be applied to all my games including Super Smash Bros, League of Legends and Warframe. All the games I play revolve around violence, however, the graphics are so friendly and “fun” that we don’t often think about this aspect of the game.

Although a lot of the posts were different, there was a post that really stuck out to me that correlated strongly with one of my posts. Hugh’s third post was about League of Legends and how the Esports community surrounding it is extremely large in today’s society. This post, although was his third post, was very similar to my first post in the fact that they were the same game, and we talked about similar things. In my post, I described the growing popularity in esports, but in Hugh’s post, he talked about how it is growing and how it is almost comparable to modern and real-life sports including soccer, football, etc.

The last post I read was about the latest Star Wars Battlefront game. This game’s protagonist is a female character on the dark side, so it really turns the typical view of video games on its head. This made me think of the week of class we were talking about predominantly female tropes and how current and modern games are starting to revert from the standard, male hero and damsel in distress, type of video game, to a more feminist playing style of games. This new style of game really clashes against my video games in terms of female tropes.

Reading my class-mates posts have helped me realize that there are so many more topics within the video game industry that can be addressed, that I hadn’t thought of.

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