The Timeless Game

For my casual game I decided to choose the game Super Smash Bros Melee. It is an animated game where the objective is to kill your opponent in a brawl. Each user has access to around 20+ characters, all from which are selected from different video games. For example, some of the characters are fox from Star Fox, or Mario from Nintendo, or even Pikachu from Pokémon. All these characters have a different move set that sets them apart from all the other characters. Each character has different strengths and weaknesses, but all are viable options if you are good with the character you choose.

Many people would argue that Super Smash Bros isn’t a casual game because there is such a large professional aspect on it. This game was originally made in 2001 but is still a huge driving force in today’s esports. It has accumulated a ridiculous amount of popularity throughout its 17 years of life. However, for everyone other then these professionals trying to dominate each other in an epic showdown, this game is designed for fun and friendly competition. We see this in the graphics, the design of the game, as well as the metagames implemented in the game. Each individual round, depending on how many lives you start with, lasts about 5-8

minutes which allows you to play a quick game before you go on with your busy life. And for those not playing in a competitive sphere (my entire childhood) this game allowed you to break free from the constraints of real life and duke it out in a quick few games.

As I have explained, this is a borderline casual game for some, but for most it is in fact a casual game. We play it when we are bored, when we are waiting for something, or even when we have just a small amount of free time.

Below is a documentary about Super Smash Bros Melee, how it got to be so big, why it is still a huge game, and the main players that transformed the game as we know it.

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