Party View

The camera angle of League of legends is different than any other game I have played before. Unlike most common games that are staged as either a first-person shooter view, a third person view, or even a two-dimensional view (like the PC game Maple Story), this game is shot in a unique perspective. In the readings from Debugging Game History, the chapter on Game Camera written by Jessica deWinter, we see there are a variety of different camera angles she mentions. However, out of these different angles and styles of camera angles, I couldn’t find one that perfectly described League. Therefor I will create my own phrase for League’s camera angle and call it Party View.This party view is most similar to a bird’s eye view; however, you not only see from a 1st person birds eye view but a group view birds eye view. There is a mini map that is located at the bottom corner that we can view, but only certain parts of the map are “viewable”. The other parts of the map are dark, and you can’t really see what or who is there. The part you can see is the light part, which is where your teammates are, which led me to the name, Party View. This view allows you to see what your teammates can see but you can only see one part of the larger map at a single instance. For example, you can’t split screen and look at two different parts of the map at once, you can only see one portion of the larger map at a time. This camera view is a crucial element of the game because it forces its players to be away of the mini map at all time, all the while focusing on their character and winning their fight against the enemy champion. This is not an easy thing to do, which makes the skill cap in this game quite large. Party View is rising in popularity but is still rare among the most popular of video games.

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