Reflective post

After reading some of my fellow classmate’s posts about different subjects, I found some of their ideas and subjects to be very different than mine. An example of this would be some of Zach Marks posts when he… Read More

You Think you’re fast?

A type of metagame I ran into while doing my research and searching for an idea to write about was speed running. Speed running is a specific metagame because it really isn’t the producer’s intention for how the… Read More

Easter come Early!

Within the video game realm there are a lot of different aspect that go into it such as the production, marketing, the assembly of the game itself, etc. However, one aspect of the game that not all games… Read More

What level of Troll are you?

Within all video games is a meta game. A game that the designers of the game didn’t intend for users to play but is played anyway. A type of meta game I came across while doing my research… Read More